Thursday, December 9, 2010

P.S. You've Got Mail

Hello everyone,

I had to add a P.S. to my blog. It's been far too long a journey to go without one!

I've been getting a fair bit of mail lately, most of which has been from travel agencies and airline companies... coincidence? I think not! Reckon I should make holidaying my job and find some lucky soul to fund me... going to happen??? I can dream!

This mail has been coming in many forms - from Australia Post, on my email and via my mobile...

Here's a little example of what I've received over the last few days... very tempting... you may want to take one or more of these up...

  • Intrepid travel is offering 10% off tours in North America and 20% off any last minute trip ALL AROUND THE WORLD
  • STA travel is offering an 8 day Egypt tour for $599, a 7 day Morocco tour for $649 or a 15 day Everest Adventure for $1299 as well as flights to Cairo for $1550
  • Air Asia had a sale last week with tickets to PARIS for $188
  • Qantas has a domestic sale and deals start at $119, flying all around Australia as well as accommodation deals from $97 for 7 nights in a hotel in Melbourne
  • Jetstar has a Friday Fare Frenzy sale with fares from $9, yes, you did read that correctly, $9 ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jetstar also has flights from Melbourne to Adelaide for $39, Sydney to the Gold Coast for $39, Melbourne to Launceston for $39 and Melbourne to Auckland for $139 or Perth to Bali for $169
  • Virgin Blue has flights from Melbourne to Sydney for $59
  • Pacific Blue has flights from Sydney to Auckland for $169, from Melbourne to Christchurch for $179 and from Melbourne to Denpasar for $359
  • P&O Cruises have all inclusive cruise packages starting at $2500 for 14 nights with many options available
  • Flight Centre has a MASSIVE sale with accommodation packages in Hobart for 4 nights for $195, the Gold Coast for 5 nights for $196, flights to Hong Kong for $663, to Bangkok for $499, Round the World tickets for $2234, to Manila for $595, to Los Angeles for $945, to London for $1304, to Vancouver for $1583, to Rome for $1491, to Johannesburg for $1336 , to Hawaii for $949, to Phuket for $493 and to Auckland for $294. They also have some INSANELY cheap flight and accommodation packages as well as a Eurail Saver Pass for 5 days of travel in 2 months for $415
So... what are you doing for Christmas?? Going on holiday?? It's enticing isn't it... :) Maybe I should look into being a travel agent... now THAT would suit me well :)

By the way, guess who made the 2011 Topdeck Anzac brochure?? Me! (well... the back of me did :) ) and 4 of my mates made it onto the front cover! Pretty pleased with that!

On that happy note, I'll head off, for the very last time. Have a wonderful Christmas season as we celebrate our Saviour's birth. May it be filled with much fun, laughter, happiness, sunshine and those you love! God's blessings to you and yours, always.

Thanks for travelling with me,
Love Sarah xox

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  1. Awesome- I'll have to check out the topdeck brochure! Pity, but I can't afford those great travel offers! I'll have to settle with a trip to Tas ;) See you soon xo